Maryland Overtime Laws

  Understanding the Maryland Overtime Laws It’s important to have a good understanding of those MD overtime laws, because you just might have to deal with overtime pay, especially if
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Maryland Labor Laws Breaks

  Understanding the Maryland Labor Laws on Breaks  Specifically with Maryland labor laws on breaks, there’s an act that provides a bit more: the Flexible Leave Act. This Act under
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Maryland Employee Rights

  Understanding Your Maryland Employee Rights Know that you do have various employee rights, like minimum wage, overtime, employee safety rights, and wrongful termination. And it’s important to know your
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Woman Says Candy Company Fired Her for Orientation, Pregnancy

After having a complicated pregnancy and revealing that she was a lesbian among her coworkers, a woman says that Mars Chocolate North America fired her based on her sexual orientation
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Nebraska Labor Laws Breaks

  Quick Guide to Nebraska Labor Laws on Breaks  Nebraska Labor Law: Breaks Nebraska labor laws on breaks are few
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Nebraska Employee Rights

  Quick Guide to Nebraska Employee Rights Nebraska Employee Rights There are several public resources for Nebraska employee rights involving
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West Virginia Overtime Laws

  Quick Guide to WV Overtime Laws  West Virginia Overtime Law West Virginia overtime laws are provided under the state’s
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West Virginia Labor Laws Breaks

  Detailed Guide to WV Labor Laws on Breaks West Virginia Labor Laws: Breaks West Virginia labor law for breaks
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Massachusetts Overtime Laws

  What is Overtime Pay? Overtime pay refers to additional compensation (derived from employment) to employees who work beyond a
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Massachusetts Employee Rights

  Massachusetts Employee Rights: Wage Laws This section will talk about the state’s current minimum wage, hour laws, prevailing wage laws, and more: Massachusetts Minimum Wage Rates: The minimum wage
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