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Quick Guide to IA Workers’ Compensation Laws

Iowa Workers’ Compensation Laws

More Iowa workers’ compensation laws are located under Iowa Code chapters 85 through 87, as well as Chapter 876 of the Iowa Administrative Code.  If you want to view all IA workers’ compensation laws, visit the official website of the state legislature.  The majority of information about workers’ compensation insurance (Iowa) located in this article can be found under the Iowa Workforce Development.

If your employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance in Iowa, you can review if the company is self-insured under the following link that is updated as of March 5, 2012: 

Who and What Injuries are covered under Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Iowa?

All injuries that qualify a worker under Iowa workers’ compensation laws must be work related, and no preexisting injury or disease (unless aggravated or worsened by the job) is covered by the insurance.  Diseases and hearing loss associated with employment activities are also covered by workers’ compensation insurance in Iowa.  

Most employees who are injured in Iowa, work in the state, and who are normally employed in Iowa are normally qualified to receive compensation for their medical treatment and rehabilitation services according to IA workers’ compensation laws.  Some employees are not typically covered by workers’ compensation insurance in Iowa, and these employees usually include independent contractors, LLC members, and partners.  

However, those employees listed above may qualify for insurance under Iowa workers’ compensation laws if they purchase an insurance policy specifically for the proprietor or partner.  

Does my employer choose the medical care under IA Workers’ Compensation Laws?

Under Iowa workers’ compensation laws, the employer is allowed to choose the medical care for an employee.  If there is a disagreement concerning the care, the employee may be able to request alternate care through the employer’s discretion or apply to the workers’ compensation commissioner for alternate medical care according to IA workers’ compensation laws.  

Additionally, if the employee is dissatisfied with the rating of impairment and amount of workers’ compensation in Iowa, they may be able to request a second examination from another physician under the same insurance according to IA workers’ compensation laws.  

Who handles disputes under Iowa Workers’ Compensation Laws?

All claims about workers’ compensation insurance in Iowa go through the WC commissioner.  However, the state highly recommends that an employee and employer settle the dispute privately to avoid court costs and other associated fees.  Before contacting an attorney or filing a claim, any dissatisfied employee is also encouraged to contact a compliance administrator under the WC commissioner’s office.  

Types of Benefits offered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance (Iowa)

Under state code 85.27, an employee is covered for all medical expenses and 50 cents per mile for traveling associated with medical treatment and rehabilitation.  Also, Iowa workers’ compensation laws cover up to 80% of the employee’s weekly spendable earnings (the total amount of earnings after taxes).  

If an employee can still do some work but at a decreased rate than before, their weekly compensation will be adjusted for the difference according to IA workers’ compensation laws.  There are also numerous types of disability one can receive under Iowa workers’ compensation laws.