Kansas Overtime Laws

Kansas Overtime Laws

Kansas Overtime Laws


Quick Guide to Kansas Overtime Laws

Kansas Overtime Laws

Kansas overtime laws are provided under the state’s legislature, but the rules do not apply to employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, an employer must pay an employee at least one and one half times the regular rate of pay for any hours worked above 40 hours per workweek.  

However, under §44-1204 of the state’s statutes on Kansas overtime law, an employee must work at least 46 hours before receiving one and one-half (1 ½) times the hourly wage.  Other sections of this Kansas overtime law are discussed throughout this article. 

You will find information in this article about overtime minimum wage in Kansas, wage claims for unpaid overtime, state law, and more.  

What is the minimum overtime wage in Kansas?

According to Kansas overtime law on minimum wage, the current overtime minimum wage is $10.90 after rounded to the lowest nickel.  If you have worked more than 46 hours a week, unless you’re in a certain profession, your employer is required to pay you overtime rates according to Kansas overtime laws.  

If you believe your employer has violated a Kansas overtime law, you will find information about filing a claim at the end of this article.  

Specific Kansas Overtime Law on Overtime

There are different overtime laws for minors under the age of 16 and those employed in public or private delivery of emergency medical services as a crash injury technician, emergency medical technician, or a person who is engaged in fire protection or law enforcement.  According to §44-1204(b)(1-2), Kansas overtime law applies to the employee above in: 

• “any work period of twenty-eight (28) consecutive days in which such employee works for tours of duty which in the aggregate exceed two hundred fifty-eight (258) hours”

• “the case of any such employee to whom a work of at least seven (7) but less than twenty-eight (28) days applies, in any such work period in which such employee works for tours of duty which in the aggregate exceed a number of hours which bears the same ratio to the number of consecutive days in such work period as two hundred fifty-eight (258) hours bears to twenty-eight (28) days.”

The sections of this Kansas overtime law does not apply to certain employees.  Kansas overtime laws do not cover the following: 

• any employee covered under the FLSA

• any employee engaged in the selling of motor vehicles

• any person who is sentenced to the custody of the secretary of corrections

• volunteer employees in fire protection or law enforcement

Filing a Wage Claim for Violation of Kansas Overtime Laws

If you believe your employer has broken a Kansas overtime law and offered you unfair wages, you can file a wage claim by completing the form under the provided link

You’ll have to send the form to 401 SW Topeka Boulevard, Topeka, KS 66603, and you call (785) 296-4062 if you have any questions about the form.  You should always try to settle the dispute with your employer before submitting such a form.  





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