Tennessee Workers Compensation

Tennessee Workers Compensation

Tennessee Workers Compensation


Many employers in Tennessee are obligation by law to provide TN workers compensation insurance to employees in the event they are hurt on the job.  The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development is tasked with ensuring compliance with the Tennessee workers compensation law, including ensuring that employers in the state meet the obligation to workers on their insurance coverage.

What are the baseline standards for employers to carry Tennessee workers compensation insurance?

Any employer with five or more full or part time employees must have some Tennessee workers compensation insurance coverage for attorneys.  All employers in the construction industry if there are also executives or corporate officers within that entity.  As is the case with many states, certain classes of workers are exempt from Tennessee workers compensation law, including farm workers and domestic servants although these formers may accept worker’s compensation insurance coverage if it is extended to them.

Can federal coverage be used in lieu of TN workers compensation insurance?

No, federal law extended some coverage for family leave and medical emergencies.  This does not cover accidents and injuries on the job and TN workers compensation insurance.  As such, the employer of a certain size will have to adhere to both the federal FMLA as well as provide Tennessee workers compensation insurance coverage for employees.  The employer need not pay for the time the worker spends with the doctor.

When do benefits for TN workers compensation insurance kick in?

Under most circumstances, although it will take some time to establish the extent of injury, benefits start to accrue from the first day the employee misses work.  Weekly benefits start to pay out after seven days and after fourteen days, the worker will receive all benefits, including and starting from the first day that the employee was unable to work.

What control does the employer have over the doctor chosen under TN workers compensation insurance provisions?

The employee is free to see whichever doctor he pleases, but will have to go to a doctor chosen by the employer for a one-time evaluation under TN workers compensation insurance law.  The employee is under no obligation to continue seeing this medical professional.  Employees and employers are also entitled to a second opinion if they disagree with the determination of the company chosen doctor.  The physician that evaluates the worker might order a return to light or restricted duty.  Regardless of the opinion of the worker, according to Tennessee workers compensation insurance, the worker must return to work and attempt the limited duties.  Light and temporary assistance, such as TN workers compensation insurance, might be ordered for those that need further rehabilitation.

Is there a Tennessee workers compensation insurance plan?

While there is a Tennessee workers compensation insurance plan, it exists only as a last resort and employers are encouraged to consult with as many private options as possible before relying on the Tennessee workers compensation insurance plan.  The employer must show proof that they are unable to secure market insurance coverage for employees.

How do I get the Tennessee worker compensation insurance promised to me by an employer?

If you were promised Tennessee worker compensation insurance coverage but then have that denied, you might have to appeal or work with a Tennessee worker compensation insurance attorney to demonstrate that you have a claim with merit for Tennessee worker compensation insurance.  If you have been covered in bad faith, meaning that the Tennessee worker compensation insurance policy was never meant to pay out, even for claims with merit, then you will have the right to sue for the face value of the Tennessee worker compensation insurance policy as well as payments made to it.  Work with the Tennessee worker compensation insurance attorney, who will examine the policy for faults and other issues that affect your compensation determination.





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