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Arizona Workers Compensation


AZ workers compensation insurance is mandatory under state law and the law further dictates that whenever a worker is injured on the job, regardless of fault, they will need to be compensated frothier injury, pursuant to the terms and conditions in the employee insurance plan.  These benefits can include, but are not limited to, permanent and temporary payments, medical care reimbursement and support as well as job retraining, if the injury necessitates switching professions.

How does the state help with AZ workers compensation insurance?

The Arizona worker compensation insurance law has provisions to certify insurance companies to offer worker’s compensation insurance to employers.  The AZ Department of Insurance will monitor the companies that are authorized to provide insurance in the state and employers seeking Arizona workers compensation insurance coverage can contact this state agency to find an insurance company that can meet their needs.

How does the state facilitate AZ workers compensation insurance claims?

The Arizona Industrial Commission maintains two divisions to deal with issues between AZ workers compensation insurance companies and claimants.  The first of these is the Claims Division, which helps those claiming worker’s compensation ensure that their claims are processed and that self-insured employers process claims appropriately.  Those filing AZ workers compensation insurance claims can speak with the Claims Division for general advice about filing their claim as well as what they can expect during the process. 

The Administrative Law Division will deal with legal disputes based on worker’s compensation matters under Arizona worker compensation insurance law.  A number of disputes can arise during an Arizona worker compensation insurance case, including but not limited to continuing benefits, eligibility for compensation, forms of care covered and appeals to reconsider or reopen claims.

Which workers are covered by AZ worker compensation insurance law?

All full and part time workers must be covered by Arizona workers compensation insurance and this includes family members in most instances.  Employees of independent contractors are not covered as well as casual employees that do not relate to the normal operation of the enterprise.  An Arizona workers compensation insurance attorney might be necessary to determine coverage or if possible, speaking with the aforementioned Claims Division.

Domestic workers in one’s home are not covered by the Arizona workers compensation law.  Sole proprietorships generally need no coverage if there are no employees.  The proprietor can however, opt to have coverage extended to him or her if they feel it is necessary.

Entitles that must comply with AZ workers compensation insurance law

All corporations are employers and all must provide Arizona workers compensation insurance under Arizona workers compensation law.  Independent contractors must provide Arizona workers compensation insurance to their employers, but those that hire independent contractors need not cover the contractor and employees.

What control does the employer have over the doctor chosen under Arizona workers compensation insurance?

The employee is free to see whichever doctor he pleases, but will have to go to a doctor chosen by the employer for a one-time evaluation.  The employee is under no obligation to continue seeing this medical professional. 

Attorney for Arizona worker compensation insurance

When dealing with AZ workers compensation insurance, you may want to consult with an Arizona worker compensation insurance attorney to determine you options for recourse, appeals and collecting the benefits you deserve according to the policy.  The Arizona workers compensation insurance attorney will first need to review the policy to determine the best course of option in the consultation and then guide you through the process of making or reinforcing a claim.  Winning compensation under Arizona worker compensation insurance law will not be difficult when a case has appropriate merit.