Iowa Labor Laws Breaks

Iowa Labor Laws Breaks

Iowa Labor Laws Breaks


Iowa Labor Laws Concerning Breaks, Sick Time, and More

Iowa Labor Laws: Breaks

Iowa’s labor laws on breaks generally state that an employer is not required to provide an employee 16 or above (not during school hours) with breaks unless they are in a labor union, practicing in a certain occupation, or breastfeeding as a new mother.  

Federal law and Iowa labor laws on breaks state that an employer is obligated to give a mother a private and clean room for breastfeeding breaks, and these breaks usually correlate with any break schedule adopted by the employer.  

Some information about Iowa’s labor laws on breaks are provided by state code, and other information is provided by the Iowa Workforce Development.  For more information from the IWD and IA labor laws on breaks

Specific Iowa Labor Laws: Breaks for Minors

Chapter 92.7 discusses Iowa’s labor laws on breaks for minor under the age of 16.  Others qualify for breaks under Iowa’s labor laws with breaks, and these laws are also discussed below: 

Chapter 92.7

“A person under sixteen years of age shall not be employed with or without compensation, except as provided in section 92.2 and 92.3, before the hour of seven a.m. or after seven p.m. except during the period from June 1 through Labor Day…, [and] if such person is employed for a period of five hours or more each day, an intermission of not less than thirty minutes shall be given.” 

For more information on Iowa labor laws on break for minors, prohibited occupations, and more, visit the Iowa legislature.  

Specific Iowa Labor Laws: Break for Adults

As discussed to this point, there are no IA labor laws on breaks requiring breaks for adults.  If the employer does provide a break (for any amount of time in Iowa), he or she doesn’t need to provide wages if the employee is completely relieved of duties according to IA labor laws on breaks.  Some breaks are provided by state law although, and these general Iowa labor laws for breaks are provided below: 

• Toilet breaks whenever needed

• Most workers covered by union contract

• Truck drivers (contact the IA Dept. of Transportation for more information)

• Other limited occupations like airline pilots 

If you believe your occupation may qualify for mandatory breaks under Iowa’s labor laws for breaks, you should contact the regulatory agency of your occupation.  

Does IA Labor Law on Breaks Regulate the Number of Hours I can Work During the Day?

IA labor laws for breaks do not set a limit for the hours worked during the day, but overtime laws apply in most occupations.  Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to work more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week, and other occupations under Iowa labor laws on breaks provide limits for certain occupations.  

What about Sick Time, Holiday, and Vacation under IA Labor Laws for Breaks?

Iowa’s overtime laws for breaks do not state that an employer needs to provide sick time, holidays, or vacation.  Most contracts set up sick time and vacation options, but in the absence of such provisions, the employer does not need to provide sick time or other options.  





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