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Maryland Employee Rights

Maryland Employee Rights


Understanding Your Maryland Employee Rights

Know that you do have various employee rights, like minimum wage, overtime, employee safety rights, and wrongful termination. And it’s important to know your Maryland employee rights.

Basic Various Employee Rights to Know About, Like Wrongful Termination and Employee Safety Rights

Part of the lawful hiring process won’t allow discrimination. The same goes for wrongful termination regarding Maryland employee rights.

The law values certain protected characteristics, which shouldn’t have any bearing on the hiring process, because it’s discrimination.

Employers by law must uphold employee safety rights. It’s important for employees to know their employee safety rights. Along with employee safety rights are the right to employee privacy and personnel files. Employee privacy and personnel files falls in line with First Amendment issues.

Employee privacy and personnel files also influence the hiring process. In particular, these aspects are unlawful to consider as part of the hiring process.

1. Marital Status

2. Family Plans

3. Drug/Alcohol Use

4. National Origin

That hiring process is of a personal nature, promoting discrimination, and disobeying the law of employee privacy and personnel files. The same for wrongful termination.

Various employee rights even regulate background checks. The background check has to be relevant to the job itself, or else discrimination ensues and employee privacy and personnel files are sacrificed again. For instance: no employer can base the decision on a background check for….

1. Criminal, Educational, Military and Medical Records

2. Bankruptcies

3. Workers’ Compensation

4. Credit History

Those kinds of decisions also apply to wrongful termination as well as discrimination.

What About Specific Maryland Employee Rights, Like Fair Pay and Equal Pay?

Maryland employee rights really don’t differ from the norm, but there are some aspects to keep in mind, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

Maryland employee rights will include unpaid time off from work for up to 12 weeks for these issues:

1. Birth/Infant Care

2. Adoption/Foster Care

3. Serious Employee Health

4. Spouse, Child or Parent Healthcare

As for minimum wage? Currently, we’re looking at $7.25 per hour for full-time work minimum wage. There’s talk of that amount for minimum wage being raised for next year as well.

As with the rest of the states, fair pay and equal pay is also a lawful requirement. The basis for fair pay and equal pay is that every worker is entitled to the same standard.

Drug tests for job applicants are also lawful. However, a worker is entitled to refuse drug tests for job applicants provided that the worker realizes the job is now an impossibility. By law, too, an employer isn’t required to turn down an employee based on positive drug tests for job applicants.

Understanding Your Various Employee Rights, Like Minimum Wage and Fair Pay and Equal Pay, and Drug Tests for Job Applicants

So you have an interview for a job? Understand the need for drug tests for job applicants. Pay close attention to those questions about fair pay and equal pay. Monitor your rights. When you think about it, that keeps the entire process, the entire job market, honest and loyal to the rule of law in the United States.