Mississippi Labor Laws Breaks

Mississippi Labor Laws Breaks

Mississippi Labor Laws Breaks

Quick Guide to Labor Breaks in Mississippi

Mississippi Labor Laws: Breaks

Mississippi’s labor laws are few in number and do not state an employer needs to give breaks to a person over the age of 16.  There are certain provisions for mothers that are breastfeeding under state law, and there are federal laws labor unions and those practicing in a certain occupations.  Some of these Mississippi labor laws on breaks are discussed in this article.  

Some limited information about Mississippi’s labor laws on breaks are provided by state code, and you can view state code on labor laws by visiting Title 71 under the annotated code. 

Specific Iowa Labor Laws: Breaks for Breastfeeding Mothers

Section 71-1-55 discusses Mississippi’s labor laws on breaks for new mothers who are breastfeeding.  The provisions of this section of Mississippi labor laws on breaks are provided below:  

“No employer shall prohibit an employee from expressing breast milk during any meal period or other break provided by the employer.” 

Under federal law, an employer is required to try and maintain a safe and clean room that is separate from the other employees for mothers expressing breast milk.  If an employer discriminates against the mother for breastfeeding and does not provide her with a break, the employer is in direct violation of federal and Mississippi’s labor laws on breaks.  

General Labor Laws for Certain Employees in the US 

As discussed to this point, Mississippi has no labor laws requiring breaks for adults.  If the employer does provide a break (for any amount of time in the state of Mississippi), he or she doesn’t need to provide wages if the employee is completely relieved of duties.  Some breaks are provided by federal law although, and these general federal and Mississippi labor laws for breaks are provided below: 

• Toilet breaks whenever needed

• Most workers covered by union contract

• Truck drivers (under federal law and the state’s Department of Transportation)

• Other limited occupations like airline pilots 

If you believe your occupation may qualify for mandatory breaks under federal laws that control Mississippi’s labor laws for breaks, you should contact the regulatory agency of your occupation.  

Does Mississippi Regulate the Number of Hours I can Work During the Day?

Mississippi’s labor laws on breaks do not set a limit for the hours worked during the day, but overtime laws apply in most occupations.  Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to work more than 3 hours during a school day or 18 hours during a school week, and other occupations under Mississippi’s labor laws on breaks provide limits for certain occupations.  For more information on breaks for minors under federal law and MS, visit the article on this website titled “Quick Guide to Mississippi Minimum Wage.” 

What about Sick Time, Holiday, and Vacation?

Mississippi’s labor laws for breaks do not state that an employer needs to provide sick time, holidays, or vacation.  Most contracts set up sick time and vacation options, but in the absence of such provisions, the employer does not need to provide sick time or other options.  





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