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Quick Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Nevada 

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Laws

There are multiple workers’ compensation laws located under the Nevada revised statutes.  Some of the Nevada workers’ compensation laws are referenced within this article, but the majority of information within this article about workers’ compensation insurance in Nevada is referenced from the following website under the state’s Department of Business and Industry: 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Nevada and Exemptions

NRS 616A.110 of the state statutes refers to certain employees who are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance in Nevada.  Normally, any employer with one or more employees must provide WC under Nevada workers’ compensation laws, but this section states the following employees are exempt from coverage under workers’ compensation insurance in Nevada:

• employment related to interstate commerce entities that do not fall under NV legislative power

• employment covered by private disability and death benefit plans which provide equal or greater amounts of coverage than workers’ compensation insurance in Nevada

• temporary employees brought from another state and insured by another state

• construction trades lasting less than 20 days and having labor costs less than $500

How do I file a report for my injury under Nevada Workers’ Compensation Laws?

You need to report the accident to your employee immediately, and you will have to fill out Form C-1/Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease, as well as Form C-4/Employee’s Claim for Compensation/Report of Initial Treatment for workers’ compensation insurance in Nevada.  

Where can I find more information on Nevada Workers’ Compensation Laws for Employers?

The following link under the NV Division of Industrial Relations will provide you with valuable information about claims under Nevada workers’ compensation laws: 

You can also email questions about Nevada workers’ compensation laws to WCSHelp@business.nv.gov and this service can also help you with the claims process.  You’ll want to ask any necessary questions as soon as possible so you can file for workers’ compensation insurance in Nevada right away. 

What Benefits are available in Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Nevada

An injured worker is entitled to several different kinds of benefits under workers’ compensation insurance in Nevada: mainly medical benefits and wage loss benefits.  These types of benefits are explained below: 

1. Medical Benefits- the worker is fully covered for ALL medical expenses related to the work injury under Nevada workers’ compensation laws.  These benefits are not limited to the compensation for services listed below: 

• doctor and hospital services

• nursing services

• medication

• physical therapy

• medical equipment

• travel mileage to and from medical facilities 

If the accident was severe, workers’ compensation insurance in Nevada will also cover burial costs.  

2. Wage Benefits- According to Nevada workers’ compensation laws, a worker is entitled up to two-thirds of their weekly wages for the amount of time they are covered.  If a doctor determines the worker has a permanent disability that will impede their level of work in the future, the degree or the permanent disability will compensate for the difference in wages.