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Ohio Overtime Laws

Ohio Overtime Laws

Quick Guide to Ohio Overtime Laws 

Ohio Overtime Laws and Procedure

You should always consider accessing the Ohio Revised Code for specific Ohio overtime laws.  Links to certain sections are provided farther below in this article.  

One of the greatest resources on the internet that covers the broad categories of employment law is the following link.  

If you need information about filing a wage claim because you believe your employer has violated your Ohio overtime laws, you should consider the following link

If you believe you have worked more than 40 hours in one week or any Ohio overtime law in accordance to the “Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938” has been violated, you should consider a wage claim immediately.  

According to Ohio overtime laws under the Commerce Bureau of Wage and Hour Administration, an employee can file a complaint upon the following conditions: 

1. You were employed or are currently working on the project. 

2. Any person under contract for public improvement. 

3. Any person acting as a subcontractor for public improvement. 

4. Any organization that is authorized to represent employees in the categories above for the negotiation of wages, hours, terms, or more.  

5. Any association having members associated with the first two categories above.  

In order to file a complaint for the violation of an Ohio overtime law, you’ll want to follow the steps provided by the CBWHA.  These steps include the following: 

1. Download the form and print a copy. 

2. Answer all of the questions on the form carefully and write legibly.  Sign, date, and notarize the form.  

3. Provide the contractor’s name, business, address, county, and telephone number.  

4. Provide any copies of financial documents you believe are important to proving an Ohio overtime law was violated.  

5. Be sure your name, address, SSN, and telephone are correct and regularly updated.  

Specific Ohio Overtime Laws

Ohio overtime law is located under section 4111.03 of Chapter 4111: Minimum Fair Wage Standards.  The Ohio overtime laws provided under this section address general employees and employees under the county.

Section (a) states how overtime is generally calculated under Ohio overtime law: “An employer shall pay an employee for overtime at a wage rate of one and one-half times the employee’s wage rate for hours worked in excess of forty hours in one workweek…[and] under the exemptions of section 7 and section 13 of the “Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938…”

Other sections that address Ohio overtime laws are 4111.04 and 4111.08.  According to section 4111.04, the director of commerce is allowed to initiate an investigation and collect all necessary documents at any given time.  If the employer refuses, the director of commerce is allowed to issue a subpoena.  

Section 4111.08 of Ohio overtime law states that an employer must keep all valuable information about wages and hours of employees for at least three years.  These documents can help the director of commerce investigate any suspected violations of Ohio overtime law.