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A brief guide to Vermont workers compensation laws

The law has created many protections for employees who are injured while on the job. Vermont workers compensation law states that all employers must maintain some form of insurance in case this occurs. Failure to do is a violation of VT workers compensation laws. In addition, under Vermont workers compensation law, it is irrelevant whether you are responsible in part or full for an accident. VT workers compensation laws state you are entitled to compensation for resulting medical expenses regardless.

File a written report of any such accident within 30 days to ensure you receive the full benefit of rights under Vermont workers compensation law. You are entitled to receive medical treatment from the physician of your choice as you see fit. Vermont workers compensation laws forbid employers from trying to limit your treatment options. A doctor's report will be a major factor in evaluating how much compensation you are entitled to under VT workers compensation laws.

However, Vermont workers compensation laws grant employer the right to compel injured people to visit a physician of their choice in order to receive a second opinion concerning the extent of your injuries. 

Even if you are granted compensation, you should be careful of accepting any "Section 32" payment. If you are offered a one-time cash settlement, be aware that under Vermont workers compensation law accepting such an offer will make it impossible for you to seek further aid at a later date if your condition worsens or you do not recover as quickly as expected. Consult with an attorney specializing in VT workers compensation laws to ensure any such offer is in your best interests.

As an employee, certain requirements are made of you under Vermont workers compensation laws in order for you to be eligible for these kinds of payments. You must return to work as soon as possible. Should you be unable to resume your former occupation, Vermont workers compensation law requires you to find a more suitable new form of employment as soon as possible. If an insurance company demonstrates you have failed to find a new job, they may be able to deny you further benefits under VT workers compensation laws. 

Be aware that Vermont workers compensation laws also give an insurance company the right to deny you benefits if they decide your medical problems can be traced back to a pre-existing condition, rather than resulting from a workplace accident. These are very serious allegations. Not only can they lead to denial of coverage, they may also lead to a court case regarding fraud or another violation of Vermont workers compensation law. In such cases, you will almost certainly need a lawyer's assistance to effectively defend yourself against charges related to VT workers compensation laws.

Under Vermont workers compensation laws, accepting an offer from an insurance company does not forbid you from filing a lawsuit at a later date. Unless you specifically waive your right to accept a one-time payment as a condition of settlement, you may choose to file a lawsuit alleging unsafe work conditions or other employer negligence led to your accident.