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Quick Guide to Georgia Workers’ Compensation Laws 

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Laws

All matters on workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia are regulated by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  All of the information on Georgia workers’ compensation laws and procedure in this article is provided by the SBWC.  For more information, visit the website at the link.

Information for Employers on Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Georgia

The FAQs provided below are provided by the SBWC and extended upon.  If you have any more questions about the Georgia workers’ compensation laws for employers, visit the SBWC’s official website: 

How many employees do I need to provide workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia?

In the state of GA, an employer must regularly employ 3 or more people in order to provide insurance, and this coverage includes part-time employees as long as they regularly work.  

Where do I purchase WC Insurance?

The SBWC does not sell workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia.  An employer should contact an agent at the Independent Insurance Agents Association (770-458-0093) or the NCCI (800-622-4123). 

How does an employer become self-insured?

According to Georgia workers’ compensation laws, an employer can complete an application and return it the Board with a $500 processing fee.  The form can be obtained by calling (404) 656-4893 or downloading the document off of the SBWC’s website.  

For more answers to FAQs about Georgia workers’ compensation laws, visit the following link

Information for Employees about Georgia Workers’ Compensation Laws

It’s imperative that an employee know all of the facts provided below, as well as the full list of FAQs provided by the SBWC.  Knowing this information could be the deciding factor in whether you receive workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia one day.  

When should I report an accident?

Since a regular employee is covered on the first day, the accident or injury needs reported to a supervisor immediately.  If the accident is not reported for 30 days, an employee will not be covered by insurance.  

What do I do about a doctor?

An employer is required to post a traditional panel of physicians with one orthopedic physician; post at least ten physicians in part of a conformed panel with at least one chiropractor and general surgeon; or post the name of a Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization and its 24 hour toll free number. 

What benefits do I receive?

All medical bills will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia, as well as two-thirds of an average weekly wage not to exceed $500.00 per week for an accident after July 1, 2007.  

According to Georgia workers’ compensation laws, a person incapable of working will receive benefits for up to 400 weeks or permanently if the injury is catastrophic.  If an employee can still perform a limited amount of work, the person will receive benefits up to 350 weeks and no more than $344.00 per week for an injury after July 1, 2007.  

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