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Arizona Labor Laws Breaks

Arizona Labor Laws Breaks


There are no laws, federal or otherwise that require lunch breaks, or any other kinds of breaks, to be given to employees.  The law recognizes two kinds of breaks, lunch breaks and break periods.  While these breaks are not mandatory, Arizona labor laws breaks notes that the break periods last up to 20 minutes and must be paid, while lunch breaks are no less than 30 minutes and need not be paid.  The break periods contribute to the total hours worked for the week.

Does my union allow me to have a break under Arizona labor law breaks?

Arizona labor laws breaks are not the only agreement that determines if an employee is eligible for a break.  Union members may be granted the right to lunch and break periods by a collective bargaining agreement.  To determine if your unionized job entitles you to a break, you should check the CBA or speak with a union representative for more information.

Am I entitled to a paid break under AZ labor laws breaks?

You are never entitled to a paid break under Arizona labor laws breaks, but if you are granted one, it must be paid.  Generally, short breaks means that you cannot leave the premises and are still on the clock.  This break must be compensated as such.  Check the provisions of an employment contract to determine if you are granted one by the employer and if you must file litigation to assert that right under AZ labor laws breaks accordingly.

AZ labor laws breaks and vacation time

There is no federal or Arizona labor laws breaks that state that the employee is entitled to paid vacation.  When this benefit is granted however, the employer must provide the benefit as detailed by the contract or risk violating the law and opening them to civil litigation.  Arizona labor laws breaks and vacations includes a “use it or lose it” provision which allows vacation benefits to expire after a reasonable interval with which one could use those benefits. 

AZ labor laws breaks and holidays

State law does not require employers to give leave on holidays or pay employees during that time.  Overtime is not assessed on time spent working on holidays, unless they are already over the 40 hour threshold.  In general, the hours worked on holidays are considered normal hours, subject to the same benefits and limitations, including AZ labor laws breaks.

Time spent “On-Call” for employer and AZ labor laws breaks

Arizona labor laws breaks directs that employees on-call do not need to be paid for that time spent on call unless they have to remain at work during that time.  As long as they are in a work environment or under work supervision, then this will be considered working hours and will be subject to overtime pay and other provisions.  Time spent on call but away from the workplace will however will not be paid hours.  There are certain provisions that define working on call, according to AZ labor laws breaks particularly for medical students and certain other employers for which Arizona labor laws breaks will factor differently.

How can I learn more about an employer’s obligation to Arizona labor law breaks?

Though an employer has no obligation to provide breaks under Arizona labor law breaks, there are federal guidelines as well as employer obligations.  As a result, find an Arizona labor law breaks attorney to consult with if you have an issue with assigned breaks and compensation.  The Arizona labor law breaks attorney will explain the provisions of federal law, whether your break should be paid and the levels of recourse you have if you must take legal action under Arizona labor law breaks.  Certain contracts might have you seek arbitration to resolve the Arizona labor law breaks issue.