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Minnesota Employee Rights

Minnesota Employee Rights


Knowing Your Minnesota Employee Rights

Employees have rights in Minnesota. But what are those various employee rights?

The Details on Those Minnesota Employee Rights

Various employee rights include:

1. Minimum Wage

2. Fair Pay and Equal Pay

3. The Hiring Process

4. Drug Tests for Job Applicants

5. Wrongful Termination

6. Employee Safety Rights

7. Employee Privacy and Personnel Files

8. Discrimination

The workplace when it comes to these various employee rights. For all of these various employee rights – the hiring process, fair pay and equal pay, drug tests for job applicants, wrongful termination, employee safety rights, discrimination, employee privacy and personnel files So knowing how these Minnesota employee rights work is crucial.

Starting with….

Minimum Wage

Currently, the minimum wage in Minnesota is $6.15 an hour. The federal minimum wage, which is $7.25. an hour.

These forms of pay also apply under Minnesota employee rights –

1. Hourly Rate

2. Piecework

3. Salary

The state will figure the minimum wage either way.

Fair Pay and Equal Pay

We’re getting into Minnesota employee rights emphasizing fairness and equality.

Fair pay and equal pay simply means no employer can pay less than what is common. In addition, this revolves around similar positions within the same company.

If not, the employee can actually file a petition on the basis of violation of Fair Pay and Equal Pay.

Various Employee Rights About the Hiring Process

One particular piece of law can be often ignored or neglected – it’s called the hiring process.

It sometimes may feel like it’s not necessary, and an immediate choice is made for the right candidate. The problem is by law a prospective employee can see that it’s a violation of law to deny any candidate a right to a hiring process.

The interview, too, is crucial. However, certain questions having to do with any of these are not allowed:

1. Lifestyle

2. Race

3. Religion

4. Ethnicity

5. Finances

6. Credit

Drug Tests for Job Applicants

By law, it’s within the rights of an employer to administer drug tests for job applicants. Drug tests for job applicants are crucial to maintaining integrity of the job market.

Wrongful Termination

This is a specific law prohibiting any employer from wrongful termination of an employee for something other than the job description. Wrongful termination also falls in line with….


Pretty standard knowledge of discrimination law, actually. You’ll basically see every job application specifically stating that no employer can harbor discrimination for any reason under any circumstance, such as:

1. Race

2. Religion

3. Gender

4. Sexual Orientation

5. Ethnicity

6. Age

Employee Safety Rights, Employee Privacy and Personnel Files

According to the law in Minnesota, it’s a violation on any employer to not provide proper employee safety rights in the workplace. Employee safety rights are crucial. Not to mention a general understanding that whatever the employee utilizes in a workplace requires respect of employee privacy and personnel files. In fact, employee privacy and personnel files do follow the lead of the First Amendment.