North Carolina Workers Compensation

North Carolina Workers Compensation

North Carolina Workers Compensation


Employee and Employer Information on NC Workers’ Compensation

North Carolina workers compensation

The majority of North Carolina Workers’ Compensation laws are located under Chapter 7 of the NC Statutes.  The NC Industrial Commission also provides a great deal of information about North Carolina workers compensation, and the majority of this article will discuss information provided by the NCIC at the following link

Steps for Injured Workers for Worker’ Compensation Insurance (North Carolina)

You need to regard the following steps closely in order to receive workers’ compensation insurance in North Carolina.  If you fail to follow the steps closely or untimely, North Carolina workers’ compensation laws may not protect your rights to the insurance.  

Step 1

Immediately report the accident to your employer and receive proper medical treatment for North Carolina workers compensation.  The employer will usually tell you what physicians are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance in North Carolina under the employer. 

Once you meet with the healthcare provider, tell them how the injury is work related and give them the information to your employer. 

Step 2

According to North Carolina workers’ compensation laws, you should give a written notice to your employer, and you have a maximum of 30 days.  You will have to provide a small written statement about the date of the accident and the injury.  A family member or friend can write the letter for you according to North Carolina workers’ compensation laws.  

Step 3

Fill out Form 18 for a general injury or Form 18b if the injury was related to Asbestosis, Silicosis, or Byssinosis.   These forms for North Carolina workers compensation are located under the following links and can be filled out electronically: 

Form 18

Form 18b

For a complete list of all forms you may need under North Carolina workers’ compensation law, reference the following link.

Step 4

Follow all instructions from the physician under the workers’ compensation insurance in North Carolina.  The ultimate goal of North Carolina workers compensation is to rehabilitate the worker so they can return to work and protect the employer from lawsuits associated with workplace accidents.  

Information for Employers about Workers’ Compensation Insurance (North Carolina)

According to North Carolina workers’ compensation laws, the following employers are required to carry insurance: 

• if there are three or more employees regularly employed in the same business 

• if there is one or more employee involved in activities involving the use of radiation

• if there are 10 or more full-time non-seasonal agricultural workers 

Additionally, North Carolina workers’ compensation laws state that an employer must report an injury to the insurance carrier immediately.  If the injury requires the employee to receive North Carolina workers compensation for more than one day or the medical expenses amount to more than $2,000.00, the employer must file Form 19, “Employer’s Report of Employee’s Injury to the Industrial Commission” within five days of hearing about the injury.  

If an employer has failed to provide the proper documents or has committed fraud, an employee has the right to receive compensatory damages.  





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