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Tennessee Labor Laws Breaks

Tennessee Labor Laws Breaks

Unlike a number of states, Tennessee labor laws breaks do mandate, at the very least, a 30 minute lunch break for employees that work more than six hours in a day.  There are also federal regulations on certain occupations and to ensure breaks for safety concerns, collective bargaining agreements that might mandate breaks for union members in addition to TN labor laws breaks.  No matter the Tennessee labor laws for breaks, if breaks are offered as part of an employee contract, they must be granted or the employer will face civil liability and a potential lawsuit.

How do I know if I am entitled to TN labor laws breaks under a collective bargaining agreement?

Only your union representative will know for sure.  Speak with the rep before asserting rights to Tennessee labor laws breaks or confronting an employer.  Violations of the collective bargaining agreement and Tennessee labor laws break will be handled by the union accordingly under TN labor laws breaks.  No matter the issue, one will want to avoid providing the employer with cause to terminate their employment, as collective bargaining agreements are not absolute protection, even with TN labor laws breaks.

Am I entitled to a paid break under TN labor laws breaks?

There is no federal or Tennessee labor laws for breaks that are paid.  There are two classifications of breaks, one of which is the meal break, which is at least 30 minutes and need not be paid.  This is the break that Tennessee labor laws breaks are allowed if they work six hours.  The other are shorter breaks, not exceeding 20 minutes, but as long as the employee must remain  in the workplace, then the break is paid and counted toward the hours worked for that day.

Tennessee labor laws breaks: Vacation days

You are not entitled to paid vacation breaks under Tennessee labor laws breaks.  If these days are offered to you, then the employer is obligated to let you use them.  You might be subject to a use-it or lose-it condition on the vacation time and this is allowed under Tennessee labor laws breaks.

TN labor laws breaks and vacation time

There is no federal or Tennessee labor laws break that state that the employee is entitled to paid vacation.  When this Tennessee labor laws break, including paid vacation is granted however, the employer must provide the benefit as detailed by the contract or risk violating the law and opening them to civil litigation.  TN labor laws breaks and vacations includes a “use it or lose it” provision which allows vacation benefits to expire after a reasonable interval with which one could use those benefits under Tennessee labor laws break. 

Tennessee labor laws breaks: On-call work

Time spent on-call cannot be considered a break, even if the employee is not actively working.  In order for on-call work to count towards the hours worked that week, the employee will be on the premises or under work supervision.  They are generally not free to do as they please during that time, but distinctions apply under to provisions of Tennessee labor laws break.  One can be working on-call but not on company property but weather this constitutes hourly contributed or a break depends on the nature of the profession, obligations and other factors as well as Tennessee labor laws break.