Arkansas Workers Compensation

Arkansas Workers Compensation

Arkansas Workers Compensation


Valuable Information on Arkansas Workers’ Compensation 

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Laws

A large number of workers’ compensation laws are located under the state’s revised code on labor, but the majority of information in this article is referenced form the state’s Workers’ Compensation Commission.  If you have more questions apart from this article, you can click on the link under the WCC: 

You can also obtain other valuable information about workers’ compensation insurance in Arkansas by calling the Legal Advisor Division at (800) 250-2511.  

Employee Facts about Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Arkansas

If you have been injured in the workplace, it is your duty to report the injury as soon as possible.  The employer or the insurance carrier has the right to choose the medical coverage you receive.  

In order to receive medical care and other benefits under workers’ compensation insurance in Arkansas, a number of steps will have to occur: 

1. The employer will have to file a report with the insurance carrier by completing a First Report of Injury or Illness.

2. The employee will then go to the doctor and the doctor will complete a thorough physical to determine if the injury was work related.  

3. The employee should then all take appropriate steps under Arkansas workers’ compensation laws to receive coverage: 

• complete all WC forms in time

• attend all appointments

• report any earning you receive after the injury or illness to the insurance carrier

• ask the insurance carrier for other treatment if you’re not satisfied

• return to work on the date the doctor specifies

• keep all records filed and safe for future reference

In order to receive medical and wage benefits under Arkansas workers’ compensation laws, the employee needs to receive medical care and payment within one year of the injury.  Workers’ compensation insurance in Arkansas will cover all medical expenses and supply wage loses if you are disabled for more than 14 days.  

Employer Facts about Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Arkansas

Except for certain exempt professions, employers with three or more employees are required to carry insurance according to Arkansas workers’ compensation laws.  An employer may be self-insured with approval from the state.  

In order for an employer to properly receive notice about an injury from an employee, they must be given written notice with (Form N).  Once the employer has been notified of the injury, the form is sent to the insurance representative who will then report the injury to the state.  Additionally forms may be necessary as well under Arkansas workers’ compensation laws.  

For example, if the benefits under workers’ compensation insurance in Arkansas are delayed or halted, the employer may have to submit a Wage statement (Form W) to the insurance representative and/or a Supplemental Report (Form S) for any status change in the employee’s condition.  

If an employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance in Arkansas, they can receive heavy fines and severe penalties.  For more information on information employers should know, visit the link.





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